Report a change of circumstances

You should report any change in your circumstances straight away, and within at least 1 month of any change. If you do not report a change you may lose your benefit. A change that reduces your amount of benefit may lead to an over payment, which we will ask you to pay back.

You must tell us immediately if:

  • your Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance or Employment Support Allowance entitlement ends
  • you start work
  • you move home (as you will need to make a new claim benefit at your new address)
  • you or anyone in your household leaves or comes to live with you
  • you or anyone in your household has a change in their income
  • the amount of rent you pay changes
  • any of your children leave school
  • your savings or investments change by more than £250 or £500 if you are of state pension age. Unless the total stays below £6,000 or £10,000 if you are of state pension age
  • you become a student
  • anyone living with you becomes a student, goes on a Youth Training, Employment Training or Employment Action course or starts/leaves a job
  • you are going away; you must tell us how long you will be away for before you go
  • you, your partner or other people who live with you are in hospital for more than 6 weeks
  • you leave your home on a temporary basis
  • there are any other changes that may affect your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction

You may need to:

You can do this by using the tools below:

  • tell us about a change in your circumstances including a change of address


Report your change and upload your documents

  • register to get your notification letters online because once a change of
    circumstance has been assessed you will receive a letter advising you of your new entitlement and any over or underpayments that have resulted as part of your declaration. 
Register and view your letters on-line




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