Citizen Access_Benefits

On the Citizen Access_ Benefits website, you can:

  • Make a claim for help with your Council Tax payments through our Council Tax Reduction scheme
  • Make a claim for help with your rent through Housing Benefit, if you are not required to claim Universal Credit
  • Tell us about a change of circumstances
  • View your claim details and letters
  • Upload supporting evidence

Why use this new service?

  • You can make a claim or report a change of circumstances 24/7
  • It shortens the application process by only asking that are relevant to your individual circumstances
  • You can save your application at various stages and finish it later.
  • Check your benefit entitlement
  • See the details that have we used to assess your claim

What you will need to us this service?

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • National Insurance number
  • Address and post code
  • Email address

Once you have registered, you can report a change of circumstances quickly and easily at any time, without the need to contact us directly.

Register for Citizen Access_Benefits

If you have a new claim and a decision has not been made on it yet, you will not be able to view your claim details or tell us about a change of circumstances.