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Agenda Order Time
1 Apologies for Absence 03:03
2 To approve the Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 20 September 2018 (Pages 1 - 20) 03:21
3 Declarations of Interest 03:39
4 Correspondence (if any) 03:58
5 To receive the Mayor's announcements 04:04
6 To hear questions from members of the public and replies thereto, in accordance with Standing Order 17 01:03:56
7 To receive any petitions, which will stand referred to the appropriate Chief Officer in accordance with Standing Order 19 01:19:47
7a Petition for Debate - King George Hospital Staffing (Pages 21 - 24) 01:21:03
8 To receive any deputations in accordance with Standing Order 20  
8a Hate Crime 17:58
8b Effectiveness of the Borough's Policies in Protecting Endangered Wildlife and Their Habitats in Redbridge 01:32:25
9 To consider appointments of Members / Terms of Reference of Committees or other bodies  
9a Changes to Appointments to Committees (Pages 25 - 27) 01:42:28
10 To receive and consider the following reports from Officers:  
10a 2018/19 Treasury Management Mid-Year Review (Pages 28 - 46) 01:43:24
10b Capital Investment Strategy (Pages 47 - 66) 01:43:48
11 To hear statements, if any, by the Leader of the Council, members of the Cabinet or Chairs of Committees in accordance with Standing Order 18 01:44:08
12 To hear questions from Members and replies thereto, in accordance with Standing Order 17 01:44:14
13 To consider the following Business Motions:-

I. Motion to be moved by Councillor Athwal, Seconded by Councillor Mrs Huggett - 37:18

This Council notes that the Redbridge Hate Crime Pledge has been created to allow individuals and organisations in the borough to support and participate in ongoing efforts to reduce hate crime in the area.

This Council regards any hate incident to be unacceptable and are committed to working in partnership to eradicate hate crimes across Redbridge.

This Council notes that by ratification of this pledge, we commit ourselves to a Redbridge where people are free to live, work and play without fear of hostility toward their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity.

This Council further notes that behind every hate crime is a message: You are not welcome here. Behind every strong community is another: Yes, you are.

This Council therefore resolves to:

Adopt the below hate crime pledge to become a stronger, more inclusive community and show that Redbridge does not tolerate hate.

• This Council pledge to unite against hatred or hostility directed at anyone because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or because they are transgender
• We pledge that, if it is safe to do so, we will challenge those responsible for hate crimes when they occur to demonstrate that we do not tolerate hate crime in Redbridge
• We pledge to learn about what counts as a hate crime and to share this information with others, including through leaflets, posters and social media posts generated by Redbridge Council and its partners
• We pledge to report to the police any hate crime we witness, suffer, or become aware of, passing on specific details wherever possible, so that the relevant authorities have the information they need to do what they can to tackle it
• We pledge to support any victim of hate crime, including by helping them to make a report to the police in the best way to help the authorities take appropriate action
This Council further invites everyone to read and sign the pledge on our website www.redbridge.gov.uk

II. Motion to be moved by Councillor Donovan, Seconded by Councillor Blackman - 02:16:44

This Council notes the result of the EU referendum in 2016, and accepts the majority of the UK public voted to leave the EU. However, the residents of Redbridge voted to remain, as did the vast majority of Londoners. Notwithstanding the result, this Council does not believe that the people voted to be poorer, for fewer rights or risk jobs and economic prosperity.
This Council notes the determined efforts of the Labour Party to hold the Tories to account for their disastrous negotiations.
This Council notes that workers in industries across the economy in ports, food, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, energy, chemicals, in our public services and beyond are worried about the impact of a hard Brexit on livelihoods and communities.
This Council believes we need a relationship with the EU that guarantees full access to the Single Market and frictionless trade through a customs union. The Brexit deal being pursued by Theresa May is a threat to jobs, peace in Northern Ireland and voiceless to the rules the nation will have to abide by, leading us to US style deregulation, undermining hard fought rights and freedoms; limiting the future prosperity and quality of life of our citizens.
Two years have been wasted to reach a stage where the deal being pursued is neither acceptable to brexiteers or remainers and is bringing the prospect of a catastrophic no deal Brexit closer to reality.
This Council believes a no-deal Brexit should be rejected as a viable option and calls upon MPs to vigorously oppose any attempt by this Government to deliver a no-deal outcome.
This Council believes the shambolic negotiations to date constitute a loss of confidence in the Government and the Conservatives should step aside, call a general election in the best interests of the country and allow the Labour government in waiting to take over the negotiations.
This would be the first step in improving the lives of the poorest and universal rights, as Labour will form a radical government; taxing the rich to fund better public services, expanding common ownership, abolishing anti-union laws and engaging in massive public investment.
Therefore, this Council asks that the Chief Executive:
• Write to all four Redbridge MPs calling on them to pursue a vote of no confidence in the Government
• Write to the Prime Minister calling for a General Election immediately
Should a General Election not be called, this council further resolves to support a People's Vote in the form of a second referendum which includes the option to remain in the EU.
Late Business Motion - 02:19:48


14 Any urgent business 02:53:41
15 Motion to Exclude the Public

The following motion will be moved where it is desired to discuss business containing exempt information in private:-

“That under Section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972 the public be excluded from the meeting for the following item(s) of business on the grounds that they involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as described in the paragraphs indicated of Part I of Schedule 12A to the Act.”
Category of Exemption by
Virtue of Schedule 12A to
The Local Government Act



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