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Bright Future For Students

Nov 06

Redbridge In Bloom presentations On the morning of the 29th I went to the Redbridge Talking Newspapers Association to tape a message to be released at Christmas. What a great facility the talking books are and I know they are really well valued by people who use them.

In the afternoon I had some presentations to make to residents and business people who had not been able to attend the £1,000 cheque from the Sikh Marathon Relay organisersRedbridge In Bloom presentations on the September 26. We did these in our magnificent Council Chamber.
Later in the day, I was presented with a cheque for £1,000 for the Mayor’s Appeal from the people who had organised the Sikh Marathon Relay. This was followed by the AGM of Victim Support Redbridge, one of the two charities that I am supporting during my year as Mayor.

Halloween!On the 30th Olive and I went to Greenwich to a fundraising event. It began in Charlton House, a quite lovely Jacobean property, where a group of actors produced suitable haunting and spooky Halloween entertainment. They were excellent. Following that, we moved on to a Greek restaurant for a delicious meal.

The 31st gave me the opportunity to meet with a lovely group of young people who are hoping to put on a show for my Mayor’s Appeal. They are sixth formers from Woodford and Ilford County High Schools. It was a pleasure to discuss their proposals and to hear about their own personal ambitions and hopes for the future. They were confident, articulate and obviously young people with a great sense of social responsibility, as so many of our young people are.

We read far too much about the negative side of young people and yes, some of them are bad, but the majority are not and have a great social conscience.

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