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Telugu National Day

Mar 31

By the Mayoress, Mrs Helen Johnson.

The Mayor and myself were invited to the national day for the Telugu people.  There are over 20 million living in India and several live in Hounslow and Redbridge.

We were greeted by many people and they showered us with flower petals and incense.  The women were dressed in bright colours and all looked splendid and I would have liked to talk to them more to find out where they bought such magnificent outfits.
There was a band playing rather interesting music.  It reminded me of the Irish shinnery.  A man and a woman were playing violins in a very lively duet.  It was very enjoyable and fun to listen to.

The crowd roared and a film star was lead into the hall.  The crowd loved him and he was mobbed.  He joined us in the front row and explained to us about his movies. The music continues with dancers and the film star told us that it was from his and his father’s movies.

We were lead on to the stage where the host introduced the committee members.  After the Mayor gave a speech I was asked to introduce a ballad singer.  I struggled to pronounce his name but he took my struggle in good faith.

Various awards were given to people from Hounslow and Redbridge for their work in the community.

The film star told the crown to join in with local things in the community that they lived in and not to separate themselves, work hard and get on with their lives.  All most impressive.

The chairman stressed upon us the virtues that the British had brought to their people in India.  All in all it was an impressive afternoon to a hardworking group of people.

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  1. Raj Reddy
    May 18 at 19:12

    Respected Mayor and Mayoress

    Thanks for accepting our invitation on the Telugu New Year celebrated by the TELUGU ASSOCIATION OF lONDON(TAL)
    You have show a marvolous integrity and respect to our community. As part of our cultural integration with the local communities we are running Two cultural Centres in East and West Londo, and one of which is in Ilford. We teach Telugu Language free of cost to any body interested to learn. We also teach the South Indian Music, Carnatic music, Violin and Bharathanatyam. The cultural activities are supported by the local communities. We seek your help in running these centers

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