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“Speak Out”

May 25

On Wednesday, the Mayoress and I attended the Redbridge Finals of the Jack Petchy “Speak Out” Awards at Loxford School. Jack Petchy CBE, was from a disadvantaged background, who became a self made millionaire. He then devoted his life to helping youngsters less fortunate than himself and formed the Jack Petchy foundation for this purpose. The Speak Out Awards is just one of the many projects to this end.

The standard of speaking in the competition was exceptional and the winner was Mahatir Pasha from Caterham High School. Mahatir had a very engaging personality and began his speech by singing a few bars of the National Anthem. He then described how he was proud to be British and then spoke of his pride in his Bangladeshi inheritance and how this related to being British. He then finished with a few bars of the Bangladeshi National Anthem.

Mahatir was a worthy winner and though not guaranteed a place in the grand finals for London and the South East in July we hope he will be one of the lucky ones selected.

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