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Posts from May, 2009

The “Big Day” has finally arrived.

May 14

Mayor and the Chief Executive during the Mayoral Making ceremony. I read through my acceptance speech and the speech announcing the two charities that I am going to do funding appeals for in the next 12 months. They looked fine to me.

The Mayoress Designate was busy with preparing some food so the family and relatives would have something to eat before going into the Town Hall.

My brother Joe and wife Susanna have been in Europe from the United States for 10 days now. They are supposed to be arriving in London in the afternoon. I called the hotel at 4 p.m. and they have not yet checked in. Where could they be now?

They turned up eventually at the Town Hall just before 7 p.m. What a relief!

Many thanks for Councillors Mrs. Nolan and Mrs. Dunn for proposing and seconding my nomination.

Fortunately everything went according to plan.

The reception was great and the food was excellent (so I’ve been told) – according to many guests. As for me, I was not able to consume any food until after the event. There were so many guests to say hello to.One guest asked me if I can guarantee that Chinese food will be served at ALL future events.Let’s finish this one first.

My thanks to the Redbridge Music School for their musical performance – 45 musicians turned up, the stage was jam packed (I only found out when I went on stage to make my closing speech). Sally Li, the soprano singer, was extremely well received. Many guests were singing along during the song “I could have danced all night”. Councillor Mrs. Nolan reminded me to organise a Karaoke evening to fund raise right away.